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   Men for Missions, laičtí hlasatelé OMS International uvádějí, že přes rostoucí politické napětí a následky přírodních pohrom je vítězí svoboda. Waren Harding vysvětluje, že svoboda přichází s Kristem. „V Jeremie máme skupinu zabývající se rozdělováním rozhlasových přijímačů a evangelizací. Tento týden jsme pro Haiti dostali nebo právě dostáváme 22 000. pevně naladěný rozhlasový přijímač napájený slunečními články.“ Harding říká, že není zklamán, přestože plán pro rok 2004 se nepodařilo splnit. „Již jsme na Haiti zahájili nový program ‘Nový Den‘. Chceme dokončit další dva vysílače signálu a pomocí třech již fungujících stanic chceme Haiti pokrýt signálem evangelia cestou rozdávání pevně naladěných rozhlasových přijímačů, které přijímají jen Radio 4VEH, Evangelijní Hlas Haiti z Cap Haitien. (Mission Network News

*Tým HCJB World Radio Engineering Center v Elkhartu v Indianě pracuje s OMS International na satelitní vysílací síti sířící pořady 4VEH z města Cap-Haitien, která by signál dostala do FM vysílačů po celé zemi. Tyto převaděče byly postaveny na Tortue Island, Pignon a Beaumont a plánují se nejméně další dva. HCJB World Radio také pomáhá partnerské organizaci World Gospel Mission v provozování malé stanice v Port-au-Prince.

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Local contacts in southern Ethiopia have released a disturbing report from the town of Alaba documenting recent cases of severe physical abuse, confiscation and destruction of property, extortion, kidnapping, forcible marriage and the unlawful imprisonment of evangelical Christians. A Christian student named Serkalem was repeatedly stabbed to death by assailants as he returned home from school on Tuesday, Feb. 1. On the same day, Hajji Husman Mohamed, along with his pregnant wife and other family members, were severely beaten in their house in Alaba. A former Muslim Imam, he has suffered continual persecution since converting to Christ in March 2003. Last December all of his property was taken from him, including his furniture, cattle and a year's supply of grain. In early January, 32 believers were chased out of the village of Besheno (about 20 miles northeast of Alaba). The Muslims who organized the attack are now checking every vehicle entering the community to ensure that no Christians return. The Alaba self-governing administration is the first regional office in Ethiopia to have requested the government to implement sharia (Islamic law). Ninety-nine percent of the population in Alaba is Muslim. (Voice of the Martyrs)

* Staff members at HCJB World Radio-Australia's studios record Oromo language programs that air to 28 million speakers in Ethiopia and Kenya via FEBA Radio's shortwave facilities.


Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir said that Islam will continue to be the main source of legislation in Sudan even after the peace deal with the mainly animist and Christian southern rebels. He made the comments while addressing a crowd in al-Suqi in central Sudan, the official Sudan News Agency reported. Khartoum and the rebel Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM) signed a peace deal on Sunday, Jan. 9, in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, ending more than two decades of civil war between south and north. Under the agreement, the south will be exempt from sharia (Islamic law) but enforced in the north during a six-year interim period preceding a referendum on independence for the south. Both sides have agreed to draft an interim constitution for the country that will reflect its "cultural, social and religious diversities." Al-Beshir, however, insisted that sharia will remain the "main source of legislation" throughout this period and that it "will be enshrined in a permanent constitution." (WorldWide Religious News/AFP)


The American Tract Society (ATS), one of the oldest faith-based organizations still operating today, is celebrating 180 years of service. Based in Garland, Texas, since 1978, ATS entered the 20th century with a cumulative publishing history of 10 billion pages of tracts, books and Bibles that were printed in more than 188 languages and circulated in almost every country on the globe. In partnership with 55 international print partners, ATS has print-ready art available to publish more than 6 million tracts in 88 languages for distribution in 50 countries. "Throughout our history, we've helped Christians spread the gospel on the battlefields and in the business place," said ATS President Dan Southern. (Assist News Service)


Men for Missions, the laymen's voice of OMS International, says despite heightened political tensions and the ruin left by natural disasters, there is a celebration of freedom. Warren Hardig explains that it's a freedom that comes in Christ. "In Jeremie we have a team doing radio distribution and evangelism. We should have received or will be receiving this week an additional 22,000 fix-tuned, solar-powered radios in Haiti." Hardig says he is not discouraged even though 2004 ended before Operation Saturation's goals were met. "We have started a new program in Haiti called 'New Day.' We want to complete the other two downlink stations, and we want to work on the three existing downlink stations to saturate Haiti with the gospel by radio -- distributing fix-tuned radios that only pick up Radio 4VEH, the Evangelical Voice of Haiti in Cap Haitien." (Mission Network News)

* Staff members from the HCJB World Radio Engineering Center in Elkhart, Ind., are working with OMS International to establish a satellite radio network based at 4VEH outside the city of Cap-Haitien that will deliver programs to FM stations nationwide. Downlinks have been installed in Tortue Island, Pignon and Beaumont, and at least two more are planned. HCJB World Radio also helped partner World Gospel Mission with a small station in Port-au-Prince.


Mongolia is not typically known for being open to the gospel. Dominated by Buddhists and Shamanists, less than 1 percent of the population claims the Christian faith. Dan Jacobson, a missionary serving in Mongolia with New Tribes Mission, and says he's seeing a change in his ministry. There are now churches in nearly all of Mongolia's 22 provincial centers. Jacobson says his ministry initially focused on evangelism, but it's shifting to "discipleship and setting up the church in such away that it becomes totally Mongolian" with local leadership to oversee and run it. "They are starting to see their own people be set free from things that bound them for hundreds of years, and to me they are much more effective [than foreign missionaries]. We're starting to see Mongolians step forward and reach their own people. I think that's when we're truly going to see the abundant harvest," he said. (Mission Network News)


A nationally syndicated award-winning cartoonist who isn't afraid to poke fun at lawmakers and world leaders on the editorial pages of nearly 400 newspapers nationwide, is credited for making Christianity relevant for members of his church in Virginia. Dick Wright, 60, is the senior pastor of the interdenominational Community Christian Fellowship "who preaches the Word of God in ways his parishioners say they can relate to," reported The Washington Times. He founded the church in 1999. Wright, who has drawn cartoons for newspapers since 1974, did not attend a seminary and did not undergo any formal pastoral training. Members of his congregation say Wright makes Christianity easy to understand. Wright believed there were no churches in the area that appealed to those worshipers who wanted less tradition and more vibrancy. He thought he could use his career experience to relate to people's real-life challenges and talk about Christianity in a "culturally relevant" way. One of the church's primary means of proselytizing is direct mailings that feature Wright's cartoons. "We really believe in spreading the gospel, and we do that through direct mail," he said. "We've already put the gospel message in 300,000 homes. This year we're going to try to reach 1 million homes." (Religion Today/Charisma News Service)

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