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 Iránský imám na základě satelitní televize uvěřil v Krista a uprchl ze země.
   Pastor Elnathan Baghestani, zakladatel misie Iran for Christ řekl, že jeden iránský vrcholný islámský představitel se po dva roky díval na křesťanské satelitní televizní vysílání a na jeho základě přijal Krista. Baghestani, který spolu se svou manželkou připravuje křesťanský program pro Mohabat Network do Iránu a pro Střední Východ řekl, že imám počátkem února kontaktoval poradce Iran for Christ a modlil se za víru v Ježíše. „Tento muž zná celá Korán nazpaměť,“ dodal Baghestani. „Když začal televizi sledovat, v jeho srdci začaly hlodal pochybnosti o islámské víře.“ Ten muž pak strávil devět měsíců ve vazbě kvůli zpochybňování násilnictví radikálního islámu. Později čelil řadě výhrůžek smrtí a odešel ze země. Potvrdil, že další náboženští představitelé by mohli udělat totéž. „Zná čtyři jiné vysoce postavení imámy, kteří jsou ve stejné situaci a chtějí opustit Irán,“ řekl Baghestani. Protože vlastnit satelitní přijímač je v Iránu zakázáno, mnozí anténu schovávají v různých záhybech střechy nebo na jiném místě pozemku. „Oni zavírají lidi za pouhé vlastnictví přijímací paraboly, protože vědí, že křesťanské vysílání je účinné,“ poznamenal Baghestani. „Bůh třese základy islámu v Iránu.“ Zdroj: Assist News Service, Religion Today.
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Sources: Christian Newswire, HCJB Global
Ambassador Advertising Agency and Focus on the Family used the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando, Fla., last month to announce a new Satellite File Transfer Protocol (S-FTP) system that vaults Christian radio into the next generation of program delivery.

Named Ambassador Operating System (Ambos), referencing the name for first-century church pulpits, the delivery system combines a satellite receiver with a fully functional FTP server, providing reliable delivery with the ability of the receiver to report via an Internet connection.

David Russell, director of the HCJB Global Technology Center in Elkhart, Ind., says S-FTP is an improvement from the program delivery system that the organization’s engineers developed in 1993 as plans were materializing to launch its ALAS Spanish satellite network.

Russell said S-FTP will allow digitized audio files to be sent “either as fast as the transmission pipe will allow, or they can be slowly dribbled across the pipe in a way that will allow throughput for other traffic that has greater priority.” Once received, the files can be easily distributed to radio workers both for editing and/or immediate broadcast.

Having a server combined with the satellite receiver allows communications between the sender and the receiver, assuring that every file will be an exact, high-quality duplicate of what originated from the sending location.

Although Russell finds the S-FTP system attractive in many ways, he believes HCJB Global Voice’s operations are not the best fit for the new technology due to the high initial cost of the receivers and the need for an Internet connection that is often unavailable in areas where the organization’s ministry partners operate.

Regardless, Russell sees some real advantages to the new technology’s users. “One of the attractive features of Ambos,” Russell said, “is that it will make it possible for some programs to be played live as they are fed over the satellite while at the same time be recorded onto the local file server for further distribution and later use.”


Source: Compass Direct News
Muslim students in Zaria, Nigeria, have set fire to a high school chapel two times since it was rebuilt in August 2006 following an Islamic attack that destroyed the building three years ago. In January, Islamic students at Government Science Secondary School in Kufena, in the Wusasa area of Zaria in the northern state of Kaduna, set fire to the Chapel of Adonai which was rebuilt last year with services restored in September. Another arson was attempted in December 2006. Both attempts failed when Christian staff members and students at the high school put out the fires. Pastor Samuel Nuhu, a teacher at the school, said that in 2004 Muslim students burned down the chapel and attacked Christian students, many of whom had to be hospitalized. Before the most recent arson attempt, two letters were dropped into the chapel warning Christian students and staff members of an impending attack unless they left the school. The letter included derogatory comments about Jesus. Some 1,000 students attend the Government Science Secondary School, out of which only 300 are Christians. Formerly a Christian high school, the institution has about 40 teachers, including 16 Christians.

* HCJB Global Voice, together with partners In Touch Ministries, SIM and the Evangelical Church of West Africa, began airing weekly half-hour programs to Nigeria in the Igbo language in 2000. In 2003 weekly broadcasts were added in two additional languages, Yoruba and Hausa. HCJB Global Voice also has helped with radio ministries in six cities with more in the planning stages.


Sources: Assist News Service, Religion Today
Pastor Elnathan Baghestani, founder of Iran for Christ Ministries, has said that one of Iran’s top Islamic leaders accepted Christ after watching Christian satellite television for two years. Baghestani, who along with his wife provides Christian programming to the Mohabat Network satellite broadcasting 24/7 into Iran and the Middle East, says the imam contacted Iran for Christ counselors and prayed to receive Christ in early February. “This man knows all the verses of the Koran by heart,” he added. “After he began watching, doubt began in his heart about the Islamic faith.” The man then spent nine months in prison for questioning the violence of radical Islam. Later he faced numerous death threats and escaped the country. He claims several other religious leaders may follow suit. “He knows four other high-ranking imams that are in the same condition and want to leave Iran,” Baghestani said. While it is illegal to own satellite dishes in Iran, many hide them on their roofs or other locations on their property. “They arrest people for having satellite dishes because they know the Christian programming is effective,” Baghestani noted. “God is shaking the foundation of Islam in Iran.”


Source: BosNewsLife
The man who murdered a nun 12 years ago in the central India’s Madhya Pradesh state has asked forgiveness for the crime following a transformation caused in part by the affection and forgiveness given to him by the nun’s family. Former contract killer Samandar Singh “could not stop himself from tearfully offering a handful of flowers on the grave of Sister Rani Maria whom he murdered on Feb. 25, 1995,” said Sajan George, national president of advocacy group Global Council of Indian Christians. George said Singh traveled to her grave in the area of Udainagar in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the killing. The nun had taken a tough stand against injustice towards poor villagers that angered moneylenders and feudal lords. The nun’s family went so far as to help Singh obtain parole after spending over 11 years in prison for the crime. He was released on Aug. 22, 2006. In 2002 Maria’s sister, also a nun, met Singh in prison during the Hindu festival of Rakshabandan and symbolically accepted him as her brother by tying a thread around his wrist. “This changed the heart of the killer,” George said.


Sources: China Aid Association, Assist News Service
Thirty-three house church leaders and three Christian leaders from South Korea were released by police after less than 24 hours in custody following intensive international pressure. Pastor Dong Quanyu, vice president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, was sentenced to 10 days’ administrative detention for holding an “illegal gathering.” The raid of the Bible study meeting on Tuesday, March 6, in Nayang in China’s Henan province took place in Dong’s house which doubles as a house of worship. Michelle Vu, writing for the website www.christiantoday.com, identifies the term, “Chinese house church,” as referring to congregations in China that refuse to join the officially recognized Three-Self Patriotic Movement. House churches are independent and often operate covertly. The Henan and Zhejiang provinces are noted for their strong Protestant house church movement as well as severe religious oppression by the government.

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