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 V odlehlé části Indonézie začne vysílat křesťanská rozhlasová stanice.
   Mnoho lety byla provincie Střední Sulawesi ve východní Indonézii pařeništěm sektářského násilí. Přes tuto konfliktní situaci se bude brzy vysílat evangelium pro skupiny Bible neznalých lidí žijících v této zapadlé části světa. Frans Silahali z Back to the Bible International řekl, že misie má v ruce povolení k zahájení vysílání v této největší muslimské zemi světa. „Našim prvořadým cílem je oslovit lidi, kteří o Bibli nic nevědí - hlavně kmeny Wana a Mori,“ řekl Silalahi. „Na pobřeží tu žije asi 20 000 lidí a především na ty se zaměříme.“ V posledních letech byla tato oblast dějištěm muslimských protikřesťanských násilností. I když jen dostat se na místo vysílání zabere řadu hodin, stavba vysílací stanice zaznamenala velký pokrok. „Už máme studio,“ řekl Silalali. „Také stožár je skoro postaven, ale čekáme na vysílač z USA. V červnu by měl být v Indonézii.“ Zdroj: Mission Network News
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Source: Mission Network News
For years eastern Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province has been a hotbed for sectarian violence. Amid the discord, gospel broadcasts will soon be available to unreached people groups in this remote area of the world. Back to the Bible International’s Frans Silalahi, speaking from Indonesia, said the ministry has approvals in hand to go on the air in the world’s largest Muslim nation. “Our main goal here is to reach the unreached people, especially the tribes -- the Wana people and the . . . Mori people,” he said. “There are more than 20,000 people who live on the coast, and that’s our first target.” This area has been the site of Muslim violence against Christians in recent years. Despite the hours it takes to travel to this area, the station is making great progress. “We already have our studio,” Silalahi said. “Our tower is already erected, but we’re waiting for the transmitter from the U.S. In June the transmitter will arrive in Indonesia.”

* HCJB Global Voice has worked with local partners to establish more than 18 local Christian radio stations across Indonesia since 2004. Broadcasts from HCJB Global-Australia’s shortwave station in Kununurra also encourage listeners nationwide. In addition, HCJB Global Hands has helped with relief efforts since the Dec. 26, 2004, earthquake/tsunami and subsequent quakes that devastated parts of Indonesia.


Sources: Christian Newswire, Compass Direct News
The American Coptic Union is calling on the U.S. Congress to impose economic sanctions on Egypt as authorities “turn a blind eye” to the plight of Coptic Christians who face escalating violence and oppression. On Friday, March 9, for example, two Coptic Christians were killed by Muslims in Cairo. Atta Attia and his son, Magdy, were gunned down in front of their home by a group of Muslims who were waiting to murder them. The district attorney investigating the case refused to prosecute any of the attackers, but rather accused Attia’s second son, Essmat, of carrying a weapon even though none was found. In another incident on Feb. 9, Muslims raided the village of Armant in Qina province, setting fire to four Christian-owned shops. Seven Muslims were detained after the attacks. But four days later when unidentified persons tried to raze several homes owned by Coptic Christians in the same city, police detained six church members until the morning of Thursday, Feb. 15. Authorities released the Christians only after making them sign statements that they set fire to their own homes.


Source: Assist News Service
The Iranian Christian Church, under the auspices of International Antioch Ministries (IAM), will host a traditional Persian New Year’s Day celebration (No Ruz) on Sunday, March 25, in Sunnyvale, Calif., in the heart of Silicon Valley near San Francisco. Community members have been invited to this traditional celebration that will include authentic dancing, music, cultural displays and Persian food. No Ruz is an ancient holiday that predates King Cyrus of Persia who reigned for 51 years from 580 to 529 B.C. Cyrus freed the Hebrew captives from exile in Babylon, allowing them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. For more than 2,500 years Iranians have commemorated this time of renewal that occurs during the spring solstice. “We are delighted to invite the community to share in our traditional celebration of Iranian New Year,” said Hormoz Shariat, president of IAM and senior pastor of the Iranian Christian Church. “This No Ruz celebration is our contribution to the diversity of the . . . area. We are grateful for the freedom that we enjoy to celebrate our ancient holiday.”


Source: Christian Newswire
China Aid Association has learned that the wife of a senior house church leader was sentenced to 10 days’ administrative detention in China’s Henan province. On Monday, March 19, 50-year-old Li Huage was arrested and sentenced for “disturbing public order.” When the arrest occurred, Li was in the Wancheng District Public Security Bureau (PSB) office, seeking the return of her cell phone, computer and Bibles which authorities confiscated from her home on Tuesday, March 6. She is now detained in the Ying An Lu Detention Center in Nanyang city in the Wancheng district. This comes just three days after her husband, Pastor Dong Quanyu, was released on Friday, March 16, after serving a 10-day sentence for holding an “illegal religious gathering.” That same day Li was beaten by the PSB officers outside the detention center before meeting with her released husband. Along with some Chinese house church leaders and three South Korean pastors, Dong and his wife were hosting a Bible study at their home in Nanyang on March 6 when police raided the meeting. They took the attendees to the local police station for interrogation, searched the house and confiscated numerous personal items. Most of the pastors were released the following day after intensive international pressure.


Source: Mission Network News
While the world calls children in many directions, Book of Hope is calling them to Christ. In India, Easter is the start of Book of Hope’s partnership with local Christian networks to reach children through showings of the “GodMan” film. Thousands will host showings of the film in their homes as an outreach ministry. “What we want to do is mobilize local believers,” said Book of Hope’s Chad Causey. “Someone who lives right down the street from you to invite you to their home, to invite you into their life to share Christ with you, and then don’t go anywhere. They’re living right there, and when you have more questions, you know right where to find them. You’ve been in their home, you’ve been to their church, you know where they live.” With continued friction between Christians and unbelievers in India, Causey says small-group showings are the best approach to evangelism. “Ministry has to be done that way. It honors Christ and its fruitful and it doesn’t put your partners in as much jeopardy.”

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