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 Záchranné operace v Súdánu ukazují bezvýhradnou Boží lásku.
   Podle zpráv je humanitární pomoc v západosúdánské provincii Darfur stále těžší. Humanitární pracovníci jsou napadáni a zastrašováni. Během násilností bylo zabito již 200 000 lidí. Řekl to Matt Ellinson z organizace Food for the Hungry (Jídlo pro hladové). Mnoho lidí trpí strádáním, které někteří nazývají přímo genocidou. „Přes dva miliony lidí potřebuje pomoc, jídlo, dokud tu nebude mír,“ řekl Ellingson. „Food for the Hungry se spojila s celkem šesti organizacemi a společně poskytují potravinovou pomoc, zdravotní službu a vodu.“ Ellingson říká, že láska bez výhrad je způsob, jak ukázat těmto potřebným Boží lásku. „Je mnoho, mnoho způsobů komunikace a tento je jedním z nevhodnějších, nejpoužitelnějších a nejpádnějších v těchto podmínkách. Láska rodící se při poskytování základní životních potřeb za daných podmínek je každopádně veliká.“ Zdroj: Mission Network News
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Sources: Gospel for Asia, Assist News Service
Despite opposition and threats of beatings, a team of seven women who are part of Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship gave out 50,000 tracts at the Kumbh Mela festival in India earlier this year. Coming to the Ganges River in Uttar Pradesh to dip in its “holy” waters, 60 million people attended the six-week festival in January and February. Many Hindus believe this pilgrimage will give them forgiveness of sins. Eager to spread the gospel, the seven women, along with two GFA staff members, traveled three hours to the festival site. They began passing out tracts along busy roads to everyone they saw -- drivers, roadside vendors, security officials, traffic police and even the “holy men,” all of whom received the tracts eagerly. However, about an hour later some extremists approached one of the staff members and told him to stop handing out tracts. The same man then threatened one of the women with beatings if she didn’t leave. The team decided to move from that spot but continued distributing tracts elsewhere, passing out 50,000 tracts in one day and sharing the gospel with many.

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Source: Mission Network News
Reports indicate that humanitarian access is shrinking rapidly in western Sudan’s Darfur province. Relief workers are attacked and intimidated, and more than 200,000 people have been killed in the violence, says Matt Ellingson of Food for the Hungry (FH). Many people are suffering from what many are calling genocide, he says. “More than 2 million people have been in need of support, food, until peace is found there,” he said. “Food for the Hungry has partnered with a total of six organizations, providing support in the areas of nutrition, health and the provision of water.” Ellingson says unconditional love is the way they show God’s love to those in need. “There are many, many different communication styles and that is the one that is the most appropriate, useful and impacting in this setting. To love the person in the action of providing the basic needs of life are huge in this setting.”


Source: BosNewsLife
The International Committee of the Red Cross reported on Friday, March 16, that it was forced to close its offices in the Mon and Shan states of Burma (Myanmar) due to restrictions by the country’s military government. The closings came shortly after Andrew Mitchell, British shadow secretary of state for international development, returned from the Thailand-Myanmar border where he accompanied Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) to hear the testimonies of Karen refugees just inside the Myanmar border. The Karen National Liberation Army, an outgunned group of mainly “born-again Christians,” has been fighting the Burmese forces to defend their villages and dreams of an autonomous Karen state in the country. More than 25,000 civilians, many of them Christian Karens, were forced to flee their villages in the past year following a major military crackdown. “Since 1996 more than 3,000 villages in eastern Burma have been destroyed [and] there are more than 1 million internally displaced persons in eastern Burma and more than 150,000 refugees in Thailand,” reported CSW.


Source: Christian Newswire
On Wednesday, Feb. 7, 36 member organizations representing five groups (Roman Catholic, evangelical/Pentecostal, Protestant, Orthodox and historic racial ethnic) met to inaugurate a diverse ecumenical group called Christian Churches Together (CCT). Also present were groups such as World Vision, Bread for the World, Sojourners/Call to Renewal, Evangelicals for Social Action and the Salvation Army. “The two themes of this gathering -- evangelism and poverty -- show that we can work together to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior of all people,” said James Leggett, presiding bishop of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and a member of the CCT steering committee. “We can also show His love and compassion for the poor and the marginalized.” Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, general secretary of the Reformed Church in America and chair of the CCT steering committee, added, “It is our intent and prayer to broaden and deepen the fellowship of Christian churches and organizations in the U.S. CCT gives evangelicals and Pentecostals the opportunity to work toward unity in the broadest gathering of the Christian church in America.”


Sources: Evangelical News, Assist News Service
On Tuesday, March 20, the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) launched its red “90028” wristbands and a MySpace website as the next phase in its effort to raise awareness of Hollywood as the “world’s most influential mission field.” The wristbands are embossed with 90028 which is Hollywood’s ZIP code. Organizers are asking believers to pray that “Christians working in Hollywood would be ambassadors of beauty, truth and grace . . . embrace 90028 as a mission field and pray that celebrities and decision-makers will come to know how high and long and wide and deep is Christ’s love for them.” Karen Covell, HPN’s founder and director, added, “Hollywood is the seat of influence globally, and we want to do our part in challenging the church to join us in praying for the people and the projects in this industry. We believe that praying for Hollywood is having an eternal impact.” Founded in 2001, HPN reaches out to churches, parachurch organizations and individuals, asking them to stop boycotting Hollywood and its products and to begin praying for all aspects of film, television, music and news media. For more information visit www.myspace.com/hollywoodprayernetwork.

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