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 Průzkum Newsweeku: 91 procent obyvatel USA věří v Boha.
   Podle posledního průzkumu zveřejněného časopisem Newsweek jsou víra v Boha a příslušnost k nějakému organizovanému náboženství v USA zcela obvyklé. Více než devět z deseti (91%) dospělých Američanů uvádí, že věří v Boha a skoro stejný počet (87%) se ztotožňuje s určitým náboženstvím. Nejčastěji (82%) jsou to křesťané. Dalších 5% věřících uvádí jiné náboženství jako judaismus nebo islám. Skoro polovina (48%) obyvatel odmítá vědeckou teorii evoluce; třetina (34%) vysokoškolsky vzdělaných lidí v USA odpovídá, že berou stvoření podle Bible jako fakt. 73% evangelikálních protestantů odpovídá, že věří, že Bůh stvořil člověka v jeho současné podobě před méně než 10 000 lety; obdobný pohled má 39% neevangelikálních protestantů a 41% katolíků. Průzkum provedla společnost Princeton Survey Research Associates International koncem března a dotázala se 1004 lidí. Zdroj: Newsweek, WorldWide Religious News.
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Source: Compass Direct News
More than 160 Christian prisoners ended a two-day hunger strike last week after authorities in Pakistan’s Punjab province let them resume religious services in the prison. Staff members at Rawalpindi’s Adiala Central Jail agreed on Thursday, March 22, to open a laundry room that had served for Christian services until authorities filled it with new inmates earlier this month. Noor ul Haq Hassan, deputy superintendent at the jail, denied that Christians had been refused access to their worship room or that a hunger strike had taken place, but according to Sohail Johnson of Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan (SLMP), Christian inmates had not been able to use the prayer room for more than a week when they began their hunger strike on March 21. He said jail official Saifullah Gondal “wanted to send a message to the Christians that this was not their church or chapel, just a laundry hall,” said Johnson, whose SLMP works with Christian prisoners throughout Punjab. Overcrowding remains one of the biggest problems at Adiala Central Jail where 5,343 prisoners are packed into space meant for 1,996 people. Only 160 of the detainees are Christian.


Sources: China Aid Association, Christian Newswire
China Aid Association has learned on Wednesday, March 14, that local police in Fushun, in China’s Liaoning province, arrested 54-year-old house church leader Gu Changrong. She was arrested while sharing her faith to Yu Mingfu, secretary of the communist party in her village. Yu called the police accusing Gu of “poisoning communist party members” with the Christian message. Gu’s relatives said she was sentenced to one year of re-education through labor for “using evil cult organizations to obstruct the exercising of state laws.” None of her relatives has received any formal notice of her sentence since her arrest. She is serving her sentence at Ma San Jia Labor Camp which is internationally known for its harsh treatment and torture against thousands of imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners there. Gu with her husband, Jiang Senshan, worked in Beijing and were only visiting their hometown when the arrest happened. China Aid Association also recently learned that two house church leaders in Anhui province were arrested, one for distributing free Bibles and another for leading a Bible study with some high school students.


Source: Mission Network News
A deepening economic crisis in Zimbabwe has prompted outreaches in the country such as Bible Pathway Ministries to modify their operations to deal with security concerns and shortages of basic items. “Our representative who was doing so much mission work both in Zimbabwe and in surrounding countries has had to flee the country after many death threats . . . .and a lack of any assistance from the government or from the police,” said Bible Pathway Ministries’ Ken Sharp. “We are trying to do the best we can, right now, to get Bibles in while the door is still open somewhat. But with the political unrest and the way the government is going, it could very easily close the doors down tomorrow.” The organization’s training school in Zimbabwe with 11 students continues to operate despite shortages of items such as fuel and food. The school teaches students how to share the gospel and equips them with survival and literacy skills.

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Sources: Newsweek, WorldWide Religious News
A belief in God and identification with an organized religion are widespread throughout the country, according to the latest Newsweek poll. More than nine out of 10 (91 percent) American adults say they believe in God and almost as many (87 percent) say they identify with a specific religion. Christians far outnumber members of any other faith in the country with 82 percent of the poll’s respondents identifying themselves as such. Another 5 percent say they follow a non-Christian faith such as Judaism or Islam. Nearly half (48 percent) of the public rejects the scientific theory of evolution; one-third (34 percent) of college graduates say they accept the biblical account of creation as fact. Seventy-three percent of evangelical Protestants say they believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years; 39 percent of non-evangelical Protestants and 41 percent of Catholics agree with that view. Princeton Survey Research Associates International conducted the poll in late March, interviewing 1,004 adults.


Source: Baptist Press
Missionary pioneer Harry Cecil McConnell died Friday, March 2, in Jacksonville, Fla., after more than 40 years of service on the mission field as a pastor, church planter, professor and president of the Baptist Theological Seminary in Chile. He was 93. Born April 5, 1913, in Monroe County, Ohio, McConnell’s dedication to the Lord was evident at age 5 when he walked two miles to church by himself. Just four months after his wedding, McConnell and his wife moved to Santiago, Chile, where he helped establish the Baptist Theological Seminary of Chile in 1939. During his 40 years in Chile, McConnell planted and pastored several churches in addition to serving as a professor. He later became president of the seminary. “Work was his recreation, his therapy,” said former missionary colleague Connie Andrews. “The Chileans loved Cecil because they saw how hard he worked.” Throughout his career, McConnell authored a number of books in Spanish, including Los Evangelios en Paralelo (The Parallel Gospels), a title that was awarded a 2002 Gold Medallion by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. In 1979 McConnell edited a revision of the Spanish Bible translation called the Reina-Valera Actualizada, published in 1989.

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