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 Pilot organizuje modlitební lety nad Ohiem za záchranu ztracených duší.
   Někteří piloti se na Velký Pátek se vší vážností věnovali svému závazku k modlitbám za záchranu svých bližních, když nad Ohiem vedli jednomotorové stroje s modlitebníky prosícími o záchranu 11 milionů obyvatel státu žijících zde v 88 okresech. „Letadlem lze dobře přehlédnout velký kus země,“ říká 73letý pilot Kenneth Wortman novinám The Cincinnati Enquirer. „Pán nám říká, že pole se již bělejí ke žni. Z letadla lze vidět mnoho polí!“ Wortmana myšlenka modlitebních letů napadle loni na podzim, když mluvil se svým přítelem o modlitbách za ztracené. Jeho láska k létání mu pomohla vybavit si formu těchto modliteb a hned získal další lidi ke dvěma oblastním modlitebním letům ještě před celostátní premiérou, ke které došlo v pátek 6. dubna. Piloti z různých denominací věnovali svůj čas i peníze na benzín. Skupina se modlila za letu za představitele státu, za studenty, za pacienty v nemocnicích a za všechny nevěřící. Piloti z Kalifornie, Aljašky, Indiany a Michiganu, kteří se zastavili na letišti v Blufftonu v Ohiu (kde Wortman působí jako kontrolor údržby) se rozhodli připojit se obdobnými lety ve svých státech, přičemž obsah modliteb přizpůsobí místním podmínkám. Wortman doufá, že jeho úsilí brzy vyústí v celonárodní kampaň. „Když máte na své straně Boha, nebuďte troškaři,“ dodal k tomu Wortman. Zdroj: Baptist Press
 Všechny zprávy v angličtině.

Source: Baptist Press
Some pilots took the mandate to pray for the salvation of their neighbors seriously on Good Friday when 10 single-engine airplanes flew over Ohio, carrying people praying for the 11 million residents of the state’s 88 counties. “A plane is a good way to cover a lot of ground,” pilot Kenneth Wortman, 73, told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “In the Bible God tells us the fields are ripe for the harvest. >From the air, a person can see a lot of fields!” Wortman got the idea for PrayerFlight last fall while talking with a friend about praying for the lost. His love of flying helped him visualize the mission field, and he soon got others to join him for two regional prayer flights before the statewide effort on Friday, April 6. The pilots from various denominations donate their time and the cost of fuel. Groups pray while in flight, upholding the state’s leaders, students, hospital patients and any unbelievers. Pilots from California, Alaska, Indiana and Michigan who stopped at the Bluffton, Ohio, airport (where Wortman works as a maintenance supervisor) decided to join the effort by flying in their states with the specific purpose of prayer. Wortman hopes the effort will be nationwide soon. “When you have God on your side, think big,” he said.


Sources: Gospel for Asia, Assist News Service
A Christian man was killed on Saturday, March 3, when members of the ruling extremist political party bulldozed 25 believers’ homes in a slum in western India’s Gujarat state, leaving them homeless. The man was run down by the bulldozer and died instantly as he tried to stop the demolition of his hut. Sabal, the pastor of the local Gospel for Asia church, and his pregnant wife were kicked out of their rented home after the incident because their landlord feared the extremists would also destroy it. After several days, they found a new home to rent in the city. The slum is located on government land, but the residents have lived there for more than 20 years. The extremist members claim they bulldozed the huts as part of a government plan to expand the city, but others called it a blatant act of persecution against local Christians. A similar incident happened to the Muslim community in Gujarat five years ago when extremists destroyed their monuments and property and persecuted thousands of people.

* Radio programs in 17 languages air to India from HCJB Global Voice-Australia’s shortwave station in Kununurra. The programs are produced at the ministry’s studios in New Delhi, India.


Sources: Mission Network News, WorldWide Religious News, Reuters
Presidential elections in Nigeria next week have left Christians apprehensive about their future in the divided African nation.

Presidential term limits prevent current Christian President Olusegun Obasanjo from running again, and both of the leading candidates are Muslim. “The country is basically divided into a north and south -- the north being primarily Muslim and the south being predominately so-called Christian,” said Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors USA. “This is a place hot for religious conflict.”

Violence has broken out between the two groups in the past with human rights groups estimating that at least 15,000 people have died in religious or ethnic fighting since 1999. Most recently a Christian schoolteacher was killed by Muslim students enraged at an alleged desecration of the Koran.

However, others believe a Muslim leader will soothe the tensions. Nnamdi Okpala, a Christian merchant from the Ibo ethnic group said, “These senseless killings will reduce when a northerner is president because his Muslim brethren will see him as their own man and won’t want to cause trouble for his government.”

Moeller urges Christians worldwide to “pray that the outcome of this democracy will be first of all to protect the religious liberty rights of all people throughout Nigeria, especially for those Christians in the north who face this very uncertain future.”


Source: Trans World Radio
Even as the world becomes increasingly dependent upon modern communication technologies, a large number of cultures remain connected only through the spoken word. In the Arab world, for example, roughly half of the 46 million people who speak Egyptian Arabic cannot read or write. Trans World Radio (TWR) hopes to reach illiterate Arabic speakers with the gospel via radio. TWR, in partnership with the International Bible Society, the United Bible Societies, the American Bible Society and Faith Comes by Hearing, created the Radio Bible project. These radio programs give both illiterate and literate people the opportunity to hear the Bible in an engaging fashion by using drama to clearly communicate the Scriptures. Late last month programs for oral communicators went on the air in Arabic to North Africa. At the core of each daily 15-minute program is the dramatized presentation of God’s Word that takes listeners through Scripture selections from both the Old Testament and the New Testament within one year. Arabic programs will also begin airing to the Middle East this summer.


Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is urging officials to extradite former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori from Chile back to Peru to face charges of corruption and serious human rights abuses. Throughout his regime in the 1990s, hundreds of people were wrongfully imprisoned and charged with terrorism. In addition, he has also been charged with giving direct orders to paramilitary squads to carry out massacres, resulting in the deaths of innocent men, women and children. In the past few weeks the leaders of the death squads and members of the military have declared that Fujimori was both aware of their actions and gave direct orders for them to be carried out. He was in Asia when evidence of extensive corruption in his administration came to light, and he has been in exile since, first in Japan and then in Chile, fighting all efforts to extradite him. Protests are being organized to raise awareness of what happened in Peru under Fujimori’s rule and to call on the Chilean government to extradite him back to Peru.

* HCJB Global Voice, together with local partners, has helped plant Christian radio stations in seven Peruvian cities. Affiliate stations in three cities also carry Spanish programming distributed by ALAS, the ministry’s Latin American satellite radio network. Radio programs in both Spanish and Quechua also air across Peru via shortwave from Quito, Ecuador.

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