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 Ruské mládežnické hnutí boduje za útok na dva kostely
   Ruské nacionalistické protizápadní hnutí Naši u obyvatelstva boduje za vandalský útok na dva protestantské kostely ve městě Kaluga, přičemž útoky zřejmě byly předem naplánovány. Ve čtvrtek 27. prosince na baptistický a letniční kostel létaly kameny a lahve se vzkazy. Okna byly vytlučena a po podlaze uvnitř obou kostelů bylo všude sklo. Vladislav Judanov, pastor letničního Sboru Milosti řekl, že asi v deset hodin večer vešli do kostela nějací výrostci. Rozhlíželi se, načež jim službu mající žena řekla, že se zavírá. Asi za hodinu slyšela zvuk tříštěného skla, jak lahve létaly do oken nebo přistávaly na střeše. Oba kostely dostaly shodnou hrozbu: „Bezectní sektáři, nejste tu vítáni a radíme vám opustit město. Když to neuděláte, pomůžeme vám sami. Útočíte na nás a ponižujete nás svým přístupem k pravoslavné víře. Kříž nesmí sloužit jako reklama vašeho falešného náboženství. Vypadněte odsud, ubozí američtí sluhové Satana! Jděte se modlit ke svým penězům, vašemu imperialistickému bohu. To se stane všem, kdo jsou stejní jako vy.“ Zdroj: Assist News Service

*HCJB Global Voice pracuje po celém Rusku pomocí řady rozhlasových misií. Začalo to v roce 1941 na krátkých vlnách, nejdřív z Quito v Ekvádoru, v posledních letech v Velké Británie. Počátkem 90. let začala misie v Rusku zakládat místní rozhlasové misie a nyní spolupracuje se svými partnery po celém jeho území. V roce 2000 HCJB Global Voice pomáhal spustit provoz New Life Radio, první křesťanské satelitní rozhlasové sítě. Od té doby bylo vybudováno 63 pozemních vysílač, které přebírají toto satelitní vysílání ve 42 městech Ruska a okolních států.
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Sources: Christian Newswire, BosNewsLife
The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the American Bible Society are jointly underwriting the cost of supplying more than 10,000 modern Greek New Testaments to those affected by devastating fires in Greece. The initiative, spearheaded by the Greek Bible Society, will donate the Bibles directly to the affected cities in Greece which will then distribute the New Testaments at no cost to fire victims. “Though materialism and the atheistic spirit of this world may try to demoralize the victims of these tragic fires, we believe that the written Word of God will help those affected experience God as the Lord of patience and consolation,” said Michail Chatzigiannis, general secretary of the Greek Bible Society. “These generous donations will enable the distribution of God’s written word to comfort the hearts of these suffering people.”

* HCJB Global Voice has worked in partnership with Hellenic Mission Union International to establish a radio studio in Athens, Greece.


Source: Assist News Service
Russia’s nationalistic, anti-Western Nashi youth movement is taking credit for vandalizing two Protestant churches in the Russian city of Kaluga in what appeared to be a planned attack. On Thursday, Dec. 27, rocks and bottles containing threatening notes were aimed at a Baptist church and a Pentecostal church. Windows were broken, and glass littered the grounds of both churches. Vladislav Yudanov, pastor of the Grace evangelical Pentecostal church, said teenagers entered the church at about 10 p.m. They looked around before being asked to leave as the woman on duty was about to close the building. An hour later she heard the sound of breaking glass as bottles crashed through the windows or landed on the roof. Both churches received identical threats: “Disrespected sectarians, you are not welcome here and we suggest that you get out of our town. If you refuse, we’ll help you leave. We are insulted and humiliated by your attitude towards the Orthodox faith. The cross should not serve as a garland or billboard for your false religion. Get out of here you wretched American servants of Satan! Go pray to money -- your imperialistic god. This will be done to everyone like you.”

* HCJB Global Voice reaches across Russia with a variety of radio ministries. The mission began sending gospel broadcasts across the country via shortwave in 1941, first from Quito, Ecuador, and in recent years from the U.K. In the early 1990s the ministry began “planting” local radio ministries in Russia and now works with partners nationwide. In 2000 HCJB Global Voice helped launch New Life Radio, the first Christian Russian satellite radio network. More than 63 downlinks have been placed in more than 42 cities across Russia and neighboring countries.


Source: BosNewsLife
Hindu militants attacked a house church in northwestern India’s Rajasthan state late Sunday, Jan. 6, seriously injuring several worshipers. An angry Hindu mob fighting for the spread of Hinduism in India interrupted a prayer meeting at the house church in Kharbar district of Rajasthan’s Udaipur city, reported the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI). Three Christian families were attending when “Hindu extremists surrounded the house and then barged inside the room,” the church leaders said. The militants allegedly started “beating” people in prayer. “Several people received serious injuries” while the house owner, identified only as Naru, “was tied down in a room and physically assaulted.” Local Christians are trying to contact local police officials in the area and to send a report to the State Minority Commission, the CBCI said in a statement. This latest incident comes after several attacks against Christians in recent weeks, including one in eastern India’s Orissa state where up to nine Christians were killed in clashes with Hindu extremists.


Source: Compass Direct News
With more than 800 attacks around Christmastime in eastern India’s Orissa state, the number of reported attacks on Christians in India during 2007 surpassed 1,000 for the first time since India’s independence in 1947. At least 200 incidents of anti-Christian attacks, including four murders, had been recorded before violence erupted in Orissa’s Kandhamal district that killed at least four Christians and burned 730 houses and 95 churches, according to a report of a fact-finding team released by Christian leaders this week. The report, released by the All India Christian Council in conjunction with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) and the Christian Legal Association, stated that while four Christians were confirmed dead, at least six were seriously injured and numerous others are missing and presumed killed by Hindu extremists in the rampage that began in Kandhamal on Christmas Eve. “It is a matter of serious concern to the country that violence has been widespread in different parts of the country in general and against the Christians in particular,” said CBCI spokesperson Babu Joseph. He called the attacks “meticulously planned and almost clinically executed in order to hurt Christians in the country.”


Source: HCJB Global
When the music ended and the cheering had waned during the annual sharathon at Radio Station HCJB, the Voice of the Andes, in Quito, Ecuador, the event’s final moments saw those gathered in the studios join their hearts with Pastor Luis Trujillo in thanking God for pledges of $158,127.

More than 100 listeners, sharathon hosts and technical staff prayed with Trujillo who said, “We give you thanks, God. It’s not the money; it’s 158,000 seeds of hope.” Then, as telephone calls drove the pledge tally scoreboard higher, Tatiana de la Torre, director of local radio, concluded the three-day, on-air campaign with “Until next time … blessings.”

Earlier, the crowd had joined Costa Rican musician Sara Arias in singing “Sobran las Razones” (reasons abound) and enjoyed a rousing version of “Cómo Queso para el Ratón” (translated loosely, exactly what is needed), sung by Ecuadorian musician Vico Rodríguez. There were tears of appreciation and embraces by staff members whose efforts in the Dec. 13-15 sharathon had begun months earlier.

Thanking listeners for pledging far beyond the stated goal of $100,000, de la Torre said the goal during months of planning had actually been $150,000. Somehow it came out differently on the air, “but God knew what was needed,” she confided to the radio audience.

One need only venture outside the studio to learn how critical is the message of hope, broadcast on the Voice of the Andes in Ecuador and beyond since 1931. A prayer room had been established by Pastor Trujillo for the Misión Compartida (sharing the mission) sharathon. As Ecuadorians visited the event, many came to pray too, sharing heartaches about broken families, strained relationships or children who’ve strayed from their walk with Jesus.

Besides sharing their burdens in prayer and meeting their favorite program hosts, visitors to the station’s grounds had many other activities to choose from. At a tent of the Bible Institute of the Air (BIA) there were guides -- dressed like Old Testament characters -- who treated visitors to incense burning and explanations as they toured a model of the tabernacle. Concluding statements connected the sacrifices of the Old Testament with the New Testament sacrifice of Jesus for people’s sins.

There were tears, repentance and even a conversion in the area set up as the Holy of Holies, said Augusto Liza, interim director of the BIA. A visitor’s tears were evident at the knowledge that because of Christ, believers have direct access to God. A couple living conjugally determined that, despite their pastors’ advice to continue their common-law relationship, they needed to marry and purposed to do so.

“Another testimony involved a youth passing through times of personal and spiritual uncertainty,” said Liza. “He understood the presence and effect of faith in Christ from Old Testament times, and right there in the tent, he gave his life to Christ.”

Elsewhere on the grounds, more contemporary props illustrated a radio program from production to release on the air and reception in a listener’s home. Offering a microphone to his listeners, a guide said, “Who’d like to give a message on the air now?” A small transmitter atop a rock represented the 50,000-watt AM transmitter and FM transmitter that carries the station’s programming to listeners. A tour member spoke briefly into the microphone before handing it back and as the small group left the tent, each were handed a card that stated, “HCJB-The Voice of the Andes -- United in Christ so that the World May Believe.”

A young man from eastern Ecuador, Guillermo Chinkim, took a Mission Aviation Fellowship flight from his Achuar community in the jungle followed by a five-hour bus ride to visit Quito for the first time to attend Misión Compartida. Carrying a small fixed-tuned radio given him by Station Director Doug Weber, Chinkim said his neighbors are already tuning in to the shortwave broadcasts.

In addition to providing pledges and cash gifts, the station’s fans brought in some novel donations such as honey, roosters and guinea pigs fenced near the promotional tent of the Indigenous Languages Service. The bazaar was a popular place to buy new and used clothes, shoes, music CDs and T-shirts.

Nearby, youngsters had their faces painted in likenesses of cats, dogs or clowns as children’s workers performed songs or skits to entertain. Meanwhile, the grown-ups toured the grounds and made donations to help defray operating expenses in broadcasting the gospel to Latin America.

When the “on-air” lights clicked off and the hugs continued in the large studio of the Voice of the Andes, people glanced from time to time at the climbing tally board that measured pledged support for the station.

Of the culmination of an enduring effort by HCJB Global staffers in both Quito as well as those who’d traveled in from the nearby international transmitter site and hydroelectric plant, de la Torre said, “People say thanks for doing this, [but] it’s God . . . it’s God.”

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