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 Čínští sirotci na Vánoce vystěhováni a zbiti
   China Aid Association se dozvěděla, že několik sirotků a jejich opatrovníci byli donuceni strávit vánoční noc v hotelovém pokoji poté, co byli místní policií vystěhováni ze sirotčince. Stalo se to v provicii Hebei. Pečovatelé sirotčince Ming Xuan Žang spolu se svými dvěma syny připravili oslavu Vánoc s dětmi, ale na to, co se na Boží Hod ráno stane, připraveni nebyli. Úředníci se prokázali soudním příkazem k vystěhováni a začali pečovatele i děti bít, dokud neutekli na ulici. Náčelník bezpečnosti vesnice Sanhe společně s jinými státními úředníky z Úřadu pro věci církevní i z odborů předtím hrozili majiteli nemovitosti, že pokud ji nepřestane Mingovi a dětem pronajímat, půjde do vězení. Protože neměl na vybranou, dal Mingovi po pěti letech nájmu výpověď. Děti spaly v hotelu a Ming horečně sháněl jiný pronájem po sirotčinec. Je to již potřetí, co bylo nějakému majiteli nemovitosti vyhrožováno, aby nepronajímal prostory Mingovi a sirotkům, nechce-li být obviněn z trestné činnosti a jít do vězení. Zdroj: Evangelical News, China Aid Association
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Source: Christian Newswire
The Georgia-based humanitarian organization Hopegivers International plans to rescue 300 children of prostitutes in southern India after a large group of prostitutes -- also known as commercial sex workers -- asked India-based representatives of the organization to take their children to be raised in the ministry’s Hope Homes. The orphanages provide food, clothing, shelter and education for needy, orphaned or abandoned children. “When the women saw that we genuinely cared and wanted to help them, they were eager for us to rescue their children -- 34 of whom are HIV-positive,” said Hopegivers President Samuel Thomas. “All the women we met were distraught over seeing their children mocked and mistreated. They expressed a desire for their children to grow up in a nurturing environment and to receive an education.” The mothers indicated they wanted to protect their children from the poverty, exploitation, and violence that is inherent in the prostitution industry. “These women are asking for our help -- in order to not only change their lives, but future generations to come. We want to help these women change their lives,” said Thomas.


Sources: Fellowship of European Broadcasters, Trans World Radio
This year marks the 50th anniversary Russian broadcasting on Trans World Radio (TWR). New programs went on the air in both Ukrainian and Russian and two new websites also were launched. Unfortunately, the ministry also experienced setbacks with the loss of airtime on two major state networks. In 2007 the ministry received more than 15,500 letters from listeners, and 49 people said they found new life in God through the broadcasts. An additional 325 letters came from listeners in prison. The Fellowship of European Broadcasters reported that the director of TWR-Moscow, Peter Ryazanov, was recently presented with an award from Russia’s Ministry of the Interior of for TWR’s radio ministry to prisoners in Russia, thanking them for “their invaluable help in bringing spiritual instruction and education to the inmates.” The award was issued at the end of a ministry tour involving visiting 532 prisons and 203 churches and covering a distance of nearly 50,000 miles. “With this gratitude, we step into the new year with hope and faith that God will continue to open for us doors that we have not seen so far,” said Johann Wiens, TWR’s director of Russia/Ukraine/Belarus ministries.

* HCJB Global Voice reaches across Russia with a variety of radio ministries. The mission has been sending gospel broadcasts across the country via shortwave for 67 years, first from Quito, Ecuador, and in recent years from the U.K. In the early 1990s the ministry began “planting” local radio ministries in Russia and now works with partners nationwide. In 2000 HCJB Global Voice helped launch New Life Radio, the first Christian Russian satellite radio network. More than 63 downlinks have been placed in more than 42 cities across Russia and neighboring countries.


Sources: Evangelical News, China Aid Association
China Aid Association (CAA) learned that several orphan children and their caretakers were forced to spend the night in a hotel room after having been evicted from their orphanage by local police officials in China’s Hebei province on Christmas Day. The orphanage’s caretakers, Ming Xuan Zhang along with his two sons, had prepared to celebrate Christmas with the children, but weren’t prepared to deal with the situation that unfolded that morning. After presenting an eviction notice, officials then proceeded to beat the caretakers and the children until they were forced onto the street. The director of security of the Village of Sanhe, along with other government officials from the Religious Bureau and United Work Front Department, had threatened the landlord to force him to stop renting land to Ming and the children or face imprisonment. Left with little choice, the landlord was forced to evict Ming after five years of occupancy. The children slept in a hotel room as Ming frantically searched for space to rent for the orphanage. This is the third time landlords were threatened not to rent space to Ming and the orphans or face criminal charges and prison time.


Sources: World Vision, Evangelical News
World Vision is providing food and relief supplies in Kenya to sustain some 155,000 vulnerable people, including 60,000 children, who have been displaced by violence that erupted across Kenya following the announcement of disputed election results on Dec. 30. An estimated 250,000 Kenyans have been forced from their homes because of the violence, and thousands more are directly affected, World Vision staff members report. “Over the coming week, the humanitarian situation is likely to get worse,” said Nick Wasunna, World Vision’s emergency adviser, speaking from Nairobi. “The longer families are too scared to return home, the longer they are living without basic needs such as food and clean water.” Though World Vision’s Kenya office is temporarily closed, crisis team members there are making every effort to check on all sponsored children. Children, women and others victimized by the rioting and lawlessness are high on the ministry’s agenda to assist, while they continue efforts to facilitate the response of local churches. World Vision’s emergency staff team is partnering with the Kenya Red Cross Society to provide relief supplies and meet the immediate needs of affected people in the Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa and Kisumu townships.


Sources: CNSNews.com, Religion Today
Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- who rules over a nation where men are allowed to have four permanent wives and as many “temporary” wives as they like -- claimed in a recent lecture to Iranian students that Iran honors women while the West abuses them. The ayatollah said one indication of this is that women in Iran are forced to wear the hijab -- clothing that covers much or all of a woman’s head, face and body -- while women in the West aren’t. In the West’s “sensationalism concerning women’s affairs, they blame us by saying, ‘You have made the hijab compulsory,’” the ayatollah said in the Jan. 3 lecture. Wearing the hijab, he said, “is aimed at honoring women, whereas [the practices of the West] aim to abuse and insult women.” As evidence for this argument, he told Iranian students to consider the way women are used in Western advertising. “If you were to look at the magazines which are published in the West you would see that they advertise a commodity for sale next to the naked picture of a woman. Can you imagine a bigger insult to women?”

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