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 Chudý Ind zavražděn za bití posvátné krávy
   Protože udeřil posvátnou krávu, 40letý Dalita (člověk tak nízce postavený, že ani není v kastovním systému, „nedotknutelný“) byl ubodán ve středoindickém státu Madža Pradeš. Aby zakryli stopy, útočníci spálili jeho tělo a pohrozili bezmocné rodině, aby to policii nehlásila. K útoku došlo den po hinduistickém svátku Diwali, což znamená „slavnost světla.“ Během tohoto svátku lidé projevují svou vděčnost božstvu hojnosti. Soused později zabitého Dality krávu ozdobil, aby jí mohl být vzdáván božský hold při slavnosti, která je součástí Diwali. Kráva však utekla a zatoulala se na Dalitův pozemek. Ten ji udeřil, když se pokoušel ji vyhnat. Sousedé a mnozí další vesničané ho pak zabili před očima jeho matky, manželky, bratra a švagrové. Spálili jeho tělo a rodině řekli, aby se neopovážili volat policii. To se stalo tři dny předtím, než někdo incident přece ohlásil místní policii, ta zasáhla a uvěznila v souvislosti s vraždou 16 lidí. Zdroj: Christian Newswire

* HCJB Global Australia vysílá pořady pro jihovýchodní Asii v 17 jazycích z vysílače v Kunnunurra. Většina programů je nahrávána ve studiích v Indii v Dillí.
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Source: Christian Newswire
Churches in Albuquerque, N.M., have distributed more than 8,500 audio Bibles to their congregations while challenging them to listen to the whole New Testament in 40 days. More than 1,700 people have also downloaded free New Testaments from a website. A campaign launched in mid-December called “You’ve Got the Time Albuquerque,” organized by Faith Comes by Hearing, plans to cooperate with church leaders from nearly every denomination throughout this year. The goal is to have audio New Testaments or KidzBibles in the hands of every local resident and challenging them to listen to the entire New Testament, spending 28 minutes a day during a 40-day period. Participating churches will receive offerings for Faith Comes by Hearing’s international recordings, helping poor and illiterate people in other countries hear God’s Word in their own language. “You’ve got to get the Word in and then get the Word out,” said Pastor Larry Moss of Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque.

* The World Radio Network, a cooperating ministry of HCJB Global, has 23 outlets, most of them Spanish-language stations and repeaters along the U.S.-Mexico border, including one outlet in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


Sources: Assist News Service, Gospel for Asia
Kailash Bagri, a 40-year-old Dalit man, was stabbed to death in central India’s Madhya Pradesh state after he struck a “holy” cow. The attackers then burned Kailash’s body to destroy the evidence and threatened his helpless family to prevent them from filing a police report. The attack came just after the Diwali holiday which means “festival of light.” During the event people show their thanks to the deity of wealth. Kailash’s neighbor had decorated the cow so that it could be worshiped during a religious ceremony, a common practice during Diwali. The cow escaped and wandered into Kailash’s home where he struck it in an attempt to make it leave. Neighbors and several other villagers then murdered him in front of his mother, wife, brother and sister-in-law. They burned his body and told the family not to notify the police. It was three days before anyone managed to report the incident to local police officers who took action and arrested 16 people in connection with the murder.

* Radio programs in 17 languages air to Asia and Southeast Asia from HCJB Global-Australia’s shortwave station in Kununurra. Most of the programs are produced at the ministry’s studios in New Delhi, India.


Source: Compass Direct News
More than 80 people were injured in an attack on a large Christian healing meeting Wednesday, Jan. 16, in the Durg district of east-central India’s Chhattisgarh state followed by an assault on a missionary camp in Dhamtari district that hurt at least a dozen Christians on the following day. The Hindu extremist attacks come within weeks of unprecedented anti-Christian violence the in neighboring Orissa state. In Chhattisgarh’s violence, Christians said it was no coincidence that Hindu nationalist (Hindutva) extremists launched the attack as the political arm of the militants, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was holding a public meeting in the area. “The attackers, who were from the extremist group Dharam Sena (Army for Religion), came in four trucks, beat Christians and others who were attending the healing meeting, and vandalized the makeshift structure,” said Rev. Arpan Tarun of the Chhattisgarh Pastors’ Fellowship. Those injured include local people from other faiths who were taking interest in Christianity, Tarun said, adding that although some of the victims, including Thomas, were badly injured, no one was hospitalized. The police inspector of the Gurur police station, D.S. Bihari, said only one of the attackers was identified and arrested, while the search for other culprits was under way.


Source: Compass Direct News
The Malaysian government has confiscated English-language Christian children’s books containing illustrations of prophets as well as books containing the word “Allah,” according to the online news agency Malaysiakini. The illustrations were deemed offensive to Muslims since Islam, which shares some prophets in common with Christianity, prohibits the portrayal of prophets. Rev. Hermen Shastri, general-secretary of the Council of Churches Malaysia, questioned how books containing the illustrations of prophets could be offensive to Muslims when they were not meant for Muslims. Shastri urged the government to take immediate action to stop such seizures and to “amend administrative rules and regulations especially in the Internal Security Ministry that give a freehand to enforcement officials to act at their whim and fancies.” Deputy Internal Ministry Minister Johari Baharum said, “We do routine checks all year long. We don’t only seize Christian books, but other [religious] books as well.” He said use of the words “Allah” (God), “baitullah” (mosque in Mecca), “solat” (prayer) and “kaabah” (Islamic shrine in Mecca) are exclusive to Islam.


Source: HCJB Global
HCJB Global Voice in Ecuador has been granted an extension to continue using its shortwave radio antennas that are scheduled for dismantling and removal from the mission’s international transmission site near Pifo, a town 18 miles east of Quito.

The extension postpones, for at least six months, removals that the station agreed to two years earlier with the Quito Airport Corporation (CORPAQ) to make way for a new international airport. Once the new facility is completed, some of the shortwave station’s antenna towers could obstruct the approach of landing planes.

“Specifically, this means that we can continue broadcasting on two shortwave frequencies to Brazil,” said Doug Weber, radio director for the Latin America Region. “Two frequencies allows us to better cover Brazil. With two, we can cover both north and south Brazil. This allows us to continue to cover Brazil well.”

The mission agreed that 30 towers would be removed by December 2007. The first phase of dismantling, initiated in early 2006, saw 18 towers lowered. HCJB Global’s engineering staff was poised to remove 12 more towers in the second phase. But Weber was informed that CORPAQ granted the mission’s request for continued use of those 12 towers, along with 18 others that will not impede approaching aircraft.

“It also means we can continue with test transmissions of digital shortwave signals to Europe and other countries while opening the way to digital shortwave broadcasting to Brazil,” Weber said, adding that while European listener replies to the digital broadcasts are few, the listeners report a strong signal. “We’re very thankful to the Lord for letting us continue with these ministries,” he said.

HCJB Global Voice is conducting German-language digital shortwave broadcasts as a member of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), a global consortium of broadcasters, broadcasting associations, network operators, manufacturers, research institutions, regulatory bodies and others.

In addition, on Saturday, Jan. 26, the pioneer missionary broadcaster will inaugurate a daily, one-hour DRM program stream in Portuguese created especially for the digital shortwave format. Weber said the programs will be recorded by staff members at the HCJB Global-Brazil office in Curitiba.

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