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 Filipínský protestantský pastor devětkrát střelen do zad
   Křesťané na Filipinách truchlí po smrti protestantského pastora. Policie o něm potvrdila, že byl zastřelen v sobotu 26. ledna. 60letý Felisimo Catambis ze Spojeného Kristova Sboru (UCCP) na Filipínách byl při jízdě na motocyklu devětkrát zasažen do zad při návratu do pobřežního města Abuyong na ostrově Leyte. Catambis patřil k místnímu sboru UCCP v Abuyong a při cestě zpět v půl osmé ráno v Barangay Balucawe po něm střílel jeden ze dvou mužů na dalším motocyklu. Policie na místě našla devět prázdných nábojnic z 9 mm pistole. Motiv vraždy je nejasný. Představitel UCCP na Leyte, pastor Noel Balo řekl, že Catambis byl třetím členem církve zabitým extrémisty v posledních třech letech. Zdroj: BosNewsLife
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Source: Assist News Service
Some 110,000 pairs of shoes have been donated to the Christian-based charity Samaritan’s Feet through the efforts of Ron Hunter, head basketball coach at Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI). Hunter recently met Emmanuel “Manny” Ohonme, the founder of Samaritan’s Feet. Four years ago Ohonme left a lucrative job to start Samaritan’s Feet which has a goal of putting 10 million pairs of shoes on children’s feet around the world in 10 years. Ohonme, originally from Nigeria, grew up in poverty and didn’t receive his first pair of shoes until the age of 9 from a missionary who also taught him how to play basketball. Samaritan’s Feet was formed in 2003, and four years later more than 500,000 pairs of shoes have been donated. Hunter was so moved by Ohonme’s story that he decided to coach in his bare feet for the IUPUI basketball game against Oakland on Thursday, Jan. 24. The coach stated his decision was also made to honor Martin Luther King’s contribution to the U.S. by “standing for the children around the world who don’t have a voice.” Hunter’s goal of 40,000 donated pairs of shoes was reached by lunch.


Source: BosNewsLife
Christians in the Philippines are mourning the death of a Protestant pastor after police confirmed he was shot and killed on Saturday, Jan. 26. Felicísimo Catambis, 60, of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) was riding a motorcycle when he was shot nine times in the back in the coastal town of Abuyog in Leyte province. Catambis, assigned to the UCCP church in Abuyog, was on his way to the town when one of two motorcycle-riding men shot him in Barangay Balucawe at 7:30 a.m. local time. The police recovered nine empty shells of a 9 mm pistol from the scene. The motive for the killing was not immediately clear. The UCCP leader in Leyte province, Pastor Noel Balo, said Catambis was the third member from his church to be murdered by extremists in the last three years.


Source: Compass Direct News
Six Hindu nationalist extremists stormed a house church, abducted two Christians and severely beat them Thursday, Jan 17, in the Rewa district of central India’s Madhya Pradesh state. Brandishing swords, knives, tridents and sticks, the alleged members of the Hindu extremist Bajrang Dal arrived on three motorbikes at a house church prayer meeting in Pathigaon village and began forcing Vijaya Kumar Maurya and Keera Lal to come with them to a police station at about 8 a.m., said Rev. Augustine Jebakumar of GEMS, an indigenous Christian organization with headquarters in Bihar state. The Hindu extremists beat the two Christians, took them to a jungle and beat them again. “While two of the kidnappers left halfway, the other four took us to a temple on a mountain, known as Sahaki Pahar, which is about four miles from Pathigaon,” Maurya explained. “They said they were going to sacrifice us to the god of the temple. But they received a telephone call and were warned that a police complaint had been lodged. This is why they did not kill us.”


Source: Forum 18 News Service
Serbia continues to deny legal status to religious minority communities such as evangelical Christians for reasons -- if they are given -- which are not found in the country’s religion law. The principal person responsible appears to be former Religion Minister Milan Radulovic who is now an adviser in the Ministry. He refuses some registration applications if the community: refuses to unite with similar communities; is an Orthodox church which is not viewed as part of the Serbian Orthodox Church; is not monotheist; does not have a headquarters in another country; or is seen as non-traditional or philosophical. Radulovic said that “there is a weight in history and culture. But religious experiments cannot be part of religious structure. After the test of history they might become part of the structure. I believe that some of these groups might become part of the structure in 450 to 500 years when they pass historical tests.” In the meantime, nonregistered religious communities cannot, amongst other obstacles, pay tax, legally own, buy or sell property, run a bank account or employ anyone.


Source: Assist News Service
An airport in Wales has revealed its neighborly side by agreeing to cancel some flights that clash with a historic local church’s Sunday service to prevent causing a disturbance. The West Wales Airport was urged by Ceredigion councilors to halt its flights between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. as a service was held every week at that time in the nearby Blaenannerch Methodist Chapel. The airport’s managing director, Ray Mann, confirmed that the airport would heed the request. While the historical chapel is heralded as being at the center of a religious revival in 1904, it now stands perilously close to the airport and runs parallel with the runway. “We will be good neighbors. We will ensure the protocols at the airport will meet the requirements at the chapel,” Mann told the BBC. “We operate in the community and not apart from it. We have in the past voluntarily ceased flights when a funeral has been held at the chapel. Sometimes people don’t realize that we are sensitive neighbors.”

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