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 Kanadský učitel možná ztratí licenci kvůli svému křesťanskému pohledu
   Pro nesprávné jednání byl učitel z Britské Kolumbie Chris Kempling v roce 2003 předvolán před Kanadskou učitelskou komoru – protože napsal do místních novin přehledný článek o křesťanském učení o homosexualitě. Byl shledán vinným a dostal měsíční zákaz učit. Kempling se postupně odvolával až k Nejvyššímu soudu Kanady. Řekl, že při procesech utratil za soudní poplatky „dobře 100 000 dolarů.“ Nakonec Nejvyšší soud jeho odvolání zamítl. Kempling navíc zjistil, že má na krku další předvolání, a že by mohl nadobro přijít o učitelskou licenci. Svým podporovatelům řekl, že dostal dopis informující jej, že je opakovaně viněn z chování „neslučitelného“ s povoláním učitele. V jednom případě někomu vadí, že je kandidátem politické strany - Strany Křesťanského Odkazu. „Kritizují mě za interview v CBC, kde jsem citoval biblické výroky o tom, že homosexuální chování je překážkou spasení,“ píše |Kempling. Zdroj: Religion Today, LifeSiteNew.com
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Source: Mission Network News
Compassion International has won the MySpace Impact Award from the social networking website. “It’s an award that’s handed out by MySpace for organizations that have a presence in MySpace and that are trying to essentially change the world,” said Compassion’s Chris Giovagnoni. The ministry, which garnered the most votes from MySpace “friends,” finished ahead of two other organizations vying for the $10,000 award in the poverty and relief category. In addition, Compassion will receive featured placement on MySpace “which is helpful for us in communicating our message,” Giovagnoni said. The award encourages nonbelievers to investigate Compassion’s work, potentially exposing them to the gospel. “As we’re exchanging comments and messages with the people who are there, people are befriending us and specifically saying, ‘I’m an agnostic’ or ‘This is what I believe, but I believe what you are doing is fantastic.’ So we’re definitely reaching out to those people.” The prize money will be used for Compassion’s Child Survival Program to combat infant mortality.


Sources: Assist News Service, Religion Today, Mission Network News
Officials in the East African country of Eritrea imprisoned 35 men, women and children belonging to the underground Faith Missions Church in the port city of Massawa on Christmas Eve, 2007. A second report indicates that the government arrested a second group of about 30 Christian youth around two weeks ago from a Pentecostal Church in the same city. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), in the first incident Eritrean government security agents raided a building in Massawa where the members of the underground church were holding a prayer vigil. ICC reported that the imprisoned Christians were placed in Weea Military Training Center. This is one of the most notorious prisons in the country where temperatures can reach 120 degrees F. Many prisoners die from the heat and torture inflicted on them. One recent death was that of a Christian woman, Migsti Haile, who died on Sept. 5, 2007, after being severely tortured for refusing to recant her faith. ICC sources from inside Eritrea said that Christians in the town of Agordat have also been imprisoned along with six other Faith Missions members from the small town of Nakfa.


Source: Assist News Service
Jason Calzone, 30, a volunteer from Calvary Chapel Pittsburg who has regularly visited Beslan, Russia, was recently denied entry to Russia. Beslan is the scene of the school massacre that occurred in September 2004 when 331 people were killed by explosions and gunfire, including 186 children. Calzone was planning visit the people of Beslan for his sixth time to bring comfort to the survivors, but was not allowed to entry by the Russian authorities. “I arrived in Moscow on Jan. 9, and my visa was still good for three months,” Calzone explained. “But after getting to the airport, I went to customs where they put me in a holding area for around 19 hours. Then there was basically no communication whatsoever until many, many hours later when they approached me and informed me of how they were refusing my entry into Russia.” Calzone said he wasn’t treated badly, other than the long wait and was then escorted to a plane returning to London’s Heathrow Airport. When asked if he would try and return again, Calzone said, “If the Lord is willing, of course. God has given [me] friendships which came about because of what these people suffered.”

* HCJB Global Voice reaches across Russia with a variety of radio ministries. The mission began sending gospel broadcasts across the country via shortwave in 1941, first from Quito, Ecuador, and in recent years from the U.K. In the early 1990s the ministry began “planting” local radio ministries in Russia and now works with partners nationwide. In 2000 HCJB Global Voice helped launch New Life Radio, the first Christian Russian satellite radio network. More than 63 downlinks have been placed in more than 42 cities across Russia and neighboring countries.


Sources: Religion Today, LifeSiteNew.com
British Columbia teacher Chris Kempling was cited in 2003 by the Canadian College of Teachers for professional misconduct after he wrote in to a local newspaper outlining Christian teachings on homosexuality. He was found guilty of the charges, and his teaching license was suspended for a month. Kempling appealed that decision in the Canadian court system, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. In the process he spent “well over $100,000” in legal fees, he said. In the end, the Supreme Court denied his appeal. Kempling has also discovered that he is facing yet another citation from the college, and this time around he could lose his teaching license. He told supporters that he received a letter informing him that he is being cited on numerous counts for conduct “unbecoming” of a teacher. One of the counts on which he has been cited is for being a candidate for the federal political party, the Christian Heritage Party. “They have cited me for participating in a CBC radio interview where I quoted the Bible saying that homosexual behavior is a barrier to salvation,” Kempling wrote.


Source: American Bible Society
On Thursday, Feb. 7, the American Bible Society (ABS) announced the death of Ruth Stafford Peale, a member of the ABS board for more than 50 years. Peale was the widow of Power of Positive Thinking author Norman Vincent Peale and cofounder of Guideposts magazine and the Peale Center for Positive Thinking. She was a renowned speaker and author in her own right and personified one of her most famous quotes, “Find a need and fill it.” During Peale’s tenure with the ABS, millions of Bibles were put into the hands of people whose lives were changed as a result. Her passion for sharing God’s Word was epitomized by her warm smile and generous spirit. Ruth was 101 years old. She is survived by her children, Margaret Peale Everett, Elizabeth Peale Allen and John Stafford Peale.

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